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Whether it be giving a keynote, moderating a panel, hosting a product launch or even helping brands build their engagement with unique creative ideas, know that Mihad is one of a kind.

From her exceptional writing ability to her unparalleled creativity, she is not just simply another writer, entrepreneur or speaker. With her varied backgrounds to her admiration for the written word, Mihad’s talents lie in getting to the heart of the subject matter.

When writing an inspirational quote that looks at life, Mihad needs to look into the heart of its reasoning. When helping a brand with an event, Mihad needs to look into the heart of the brand. When delivering a masterclass, Mihad needs to understand takeaways and thus looks the heart of the content. The heart is where it all begins.


Workshops & Programs

Mihad’s topics include:

  • Her #Mindrewired Health Goal Setting Program.

This can be adapted as a speech to public audiences or a masterclass for public and private events. In this program, you will learn the same strategies psychologists give their clients. You will learn:

  1. How to create goals the right way
  2. All about the 6 dimensions of health
  3. The step by step process to achieve your goals
  4. How to create health goals for each of those 6 dimensions


  • Her Creative Ideas Masterclass

All creative ideas have value. In this private masterclass, Mihad can help you find or adapt your ideas and content for your various social media campaigns that will garner increased engagement and a loyal fanbase.

  • Her HEAL Online Program & Masterclass- coming soon
  • Her Self-Esteem & Confidence Masterclass- coming soon

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