Melbourne Masterclass


In this #Mindrewired Masterclass you will learn the exact ways psychologists help their clients change their behavior through goal setting. As a future health psychologist, Mihad will teach you the ways she will help her future clients change their behavior.

The first step towards living a better and more fulfilling life is to work through your health goals as your health is the basis for your life.

A lot of the time we make these grandiose health resolutions for ourselves before the new year begins. We always want to change A, B, C and X, Y and Z. Come February all of those resolutions are out the window. Why? For a few reasons: it was not an actual goal and what has changed first is the action. What actually needs to change first for any behavior change to work is the mind. Then the action will automatically follow.

This is exactly why I created the Mindrewired Health Goal Masterclasses. You will learn all about the 6 dimensions of health while also learning all about goals and how to create, set and achieve them. Using various psychological tools you will also learn the reasons behind your choices.


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