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  • Healthier Habits for the New Decade

    December is usually the time of year when you make new years resolutions. Most of those resolutions are around your health- in particular- physical health and its component physical fitness. Those decisions include spending obscene amounts of money on gym…

  • Confidence Part 2

    Part 1 was about defining what the various terms were. Part 2 will be about two things: defining what I think are the two different types of confidence: external and internal and how to begin rebuilding.

    Confidence for me…

  • Gratitude in all its Glory

    9 letters that the likes of Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Steve Maraboli and others say is the core of life. This word is thrown around a lot and there are many synonyms for the word gratitude such as appreciation, thankful,…

  • The Confidence Series

    As a kid, although quiet, I had all the confidence in the world. Fast forward to being 22 or 23 and all that confidence shattered into millions of tiny specks that I cannot see or find, despite my best attempts.…

  • Friendship

    After 6 years it is over.

    I ended it. She told me to f*** off a while back when I said no to something she asked me to do – she apologized- but it hasn’t been the same since, at least…


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