Mihad released her first poetry book in 2005 which contained the much loved quote “The greatest gift is not giving to yourself but giving yourself to others”. Months later, “ME” followed with the words “Live, Lead, Love, Create, Inspire” leading Mihad on the path that would later become her trademark. Her third poetry book titled "Angels" was a tribute to all that angels are for us. The next three poetry collections were in the form of poetic quotes around the human existence like her poetic hero Dr. Maya Angelou.

Radiant Love

“Radiant Love” is a poetry collection that pays tribute to Maya Angelou crediting her as the person who introduced her to poetry. Using her love of words, Mihad dives deep into the human existence to illicit quotes that will make you ponder.

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Words from an #Entrepreneurial Mind

Mihad’s 2016 book “Words from an #EntrepreneurialMind offers an insightful look into her business life so far. With the inspiration behind each quote also included, “Words…” provides original and inspiring quotes to the fellow entrepreneur in hopes that they will be inspired to improve themselves and their businesses for the better.

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Inspired Love

Mihad’s 2017 title “Inspired Love” offers the same insightful poetic quotes as her last two books. A 2017 Pulitzer Prize entry, Inspired Love is yet another title that redefines the word and the art of poetry as we have known it.

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Currently Mihad is working on Heal. Based around an yet to be released online program she created that helps those with emotional eating problems, Heal will delve deeper into the psychological reasoning behind why we turn to food, shopping, alcohol and the like for comfort.

As a recovering food addict herself and a future health psychologist, Mihad hopes that the program and the accompanying book allow people to truly heal and be free from the chains of addiction.