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  • Healthier Habits for the New Decade

    December is usually the time of year when you make new years resolutions. Most of those resolutions are around your health- in particular- physical health and its component physical fitness. Those decisions include spending obscene amounts of money on gym…

  • Confidence Part 2

    Part 1 was about defining what the various terms were. Part 2 will be about two things: defining what I think are the two different types of confidence: external and internal and how to begin rebuilding.

    Confidence for me…

  • Gratitude in all its Glory

    9 letters that the likes of Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Steve Maraboli and others say is the core of life. This word is thrown around a lot and there are many synonyms for the word gratitude such as appreciation, thankful,…

  • The Confidence Series

    As a kid, although quiet, I had all the confidence in the world. Fast forward to being 22 or 23 and all that confidence shattered into millions of tiny specks that I cannot see or find, despite my best attempts.…

  • Friendship

    After 6 years it is over.

    I ended it. She told me to f*** off a while back when I said no to something she asked me to do – she apologized- but it hasn’t been the same since, at least…

  • Writers: A Poem

    Many individuals say that

    great writers whether we are

    poets, novelists, journalists,

    or songwriters have one thing in common.

    To some degree, we all seek the truth.

    We are all philosophers, philosophers

    of ourselves, of the world around us,

    whether that is our immediate space

    or elsewhere.

    Take it…

  • Survive or Thrive Mode?

    The other day, looking to see the latest news of Story, the new business venture of lifelong friends Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala, I came across an article Nancy wrote called “Are You Surviving …or Thriving?”. That title stopped me…

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