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Healthier Habits for the New Decade

December is usually the time of year when you make new years resolutions. Most of those resolutions are around your health- in particular- physical health and its component physical fitness. Those decisions include spending obscene amounts of money on gym equipment, gym memberships, getting fit, losing weight and the like. Businesses love you this time of the year. They cater to your emotions and thus you purchase everything you can thinking that will get you motivated.

By March, most people will have gotten back into their old routine and that hard earned money will be down the drain. Why will it be a waste? For a behavior change to occur, whether it be short or long term, what has to change is the mind first and in these purchasing frenzies the mind is secondary when it shouldn’t be. THAT is the reason why you are not keeping your goal. It all honesty, it was not a goal to begin with.


“Mindset is at the core of change” – Mihad Ali

For a goal to be actionable it has to have a step by step process. It is the step by step process that makes it achievable. It also has to be quite specific. This is another reason why new year resolutions fail by mid- January. It was not specific enough. “I want to go to the gym” does not give your own soul enough specificity to work with. 

In my Masterclass program called #MindRewired), I teach you the right way to goal setting and as a future health psychologist, I teach you all about the 6 dimensions of health.

If you can’t make my LIVE Masterclasses here is some information about the 6 dimensions of health. They are: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual and social. Most have heard about mental and physical but didn’t realize there was more. Without health we do not exist so focusing on your health goals is quite important. 

Here are some steps you can action now in order to create healthier habits so you can live your best life.




  • Get your body moving. If you are nervous about starting, this is a normal feeling to have. 1. Grab a friend or your phone and headphones. 2. Set a timer/alarm to 6 minutes at least. Do this 3X a week. 3 Start walking. Do not worry how long this takes you. This is about your progress nothing else.
  • Surround yourself with things you love. Sounds easy but it really isn’t. Many people buy things because it does the job. The question to ask is if you love it or as Marie Kondo asks “Does it spark joy?”. I drink everything out of pink mugs and water bottles all day. Why? Pink is my favorite color and always has been.
  • Do you truly enjoy hanging out with your circle of friends? Why? Do they lift you up or pull you down? How do you feel when with them?
  • Start your day positively. This action sets the tone for the entire day. Do you immediately reach for your phone while in bed? Or do you grab your exercise gear?

These 4 actionable steps are aligned to the 6 dimensions as health is an intertwined construct. One dimension can easily transfer across one or more dimensions.

My hope for this new decade and beyond is that you challenge your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday.



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