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The Confidence Series

As a kid, although quiet, I had all the confidence in the world. Fast forward to being 22 or 23 and all that confidence shattered into millions of tiny specks that I cannot see or find, despite my best attempts. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? I wish I could provide a glimpse of an answer to console my own mind but I have no idea. I don’t know whether, initially, it was one circumstance or a multitude of them that slowly chipped away at my soul like a chisel does wood. Either way, I sit here 13 years later with my herbal tea on a Friday night, typing and editing as I empty the thoughts of my mind onto this screen.

Erosion of Soul. That title was a working title but ultimately I decided to keep it as is since that is what happens when, through circumstance, confidence is no more. Speaking of confidence, what is it exactly? We hear, read and even use it a lot but do we actually know what it means?

Constantly glued to the hip of confidence, are the terms self- worth and self-esteem. These three words are always used to mean the exact same thing but they are not. I am here to break down the differences (the what) for you.

Self- Confidence: A mix of self-efficacy and self-esteem. It is the belief you have in your own abilities, overall.

Self- Esteem: The appreciation you have for your own soul.

Self-Worth: Recognizing that you are worthy as a soul on this planet, period.

Self Efficacy: This terms relates to the inner self-belief you have over a specific task. Self-efficacy is either high or low.

We all have different circumstances that have eroded our souls. Our circumstances should not define us. What should define us from this point forward is how we rebuild the broken mindset we have of ourselves. I have started to rebuild. Have you?

In my next piece in the series, I will go through the types of confidence and the steps you can take to rebuild the person that is you.

Until then, lots of love


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