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Survive or Thrive Mode?

The other day, looking to see the latest news of Story, the new business venture of lifelong friends Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala, I came across an article Nancy wrote called “Are You Surviving …or Thriving?”. That title stopped me in my tracks and I began to ask myself which one I was.  It took me less than a minute to find my answer. Thinking about both my past and my present, my answer is that I was and am currently surviving. 

To me, to survive means keeping my head slightly above water so I do not drown. To me surviving is synonymous with existing. In my life that I am so desperately trying to change, although I have moments of loveliness where I am living and thriving, overall, I am simply surviving. Those two words “simply surviving” are not an accident. The placement of words may seem effortless but its practice is not.  With the mountain of credit card debt and just enough money coming in to pay the bills, surviving day in and day out is the name of the game… for now.

To thrive, on the other hand, is what I think we all desperately crave, but we have to live, first. To live means to be in the present, completely. In every second, every minute, every hour, we are in the moment. We are aware of the birds chirping, the cars honking and the roses blooming. To thrive means you already live. To thrive means to live your life beyond your own expectations, and by doing so, gratitude greets you and never lets go while its nemesis, negativity, never even enters your thoughts. 

When we are grateful and appreciative, we not only live but thrive. We thrive within ourselves and to those on the outside. 

Always remember:

“Gratitude is what resides within when negativity cannot penetrate”- Mihad Ali.  

From my 2017 Pulitzer Prize submission “Inspired Love”. 

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