Mihad Ali

Author, Educator & Health Psychologist (IP)

In a class of her own, this charismatic and creative soul is one of only a few people in the world to publish her own insightful and poetic quotes in book form. Thus far, Mihad has published six books. Three of them are poetry in the traditional sense while the other three are poetry in a modern format utilizing her love of quotes. Spanning a 20 year career as a writer and author, Mihad is just getting started.

Highly educated in the fields of Media and Education with a Master’s degree in each discipline and currently pursuing a degree in psychology, Mihad is redefining what it means to be a true triple threat.

As fellow American poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said “The first wealth is health”. In complete agreement with her fellow scribe, Mihad currently presents Mindrewired: 2020 LIVE Health Goal Masterclasses which combines two things: teaching others how to create goals alongside teaching others how to look after their health through the six dimensions.


Mihad is a force to be reckoned with. Her personality shines when creating art and talking about what she is truly passionate about whether that be writing, media, education or health psychology. The insights Mihad brings to the world through her content are uniquely hers.

Born in New York City to Egyptian parents, Mihad has a multicultural upbringing being raised there, in neighboring New Jersey and Melbourne, Australia.



Mihad is a multi-talented soul. From her varied educational backgrounds to her creativity, Mihad is able to offer these different sides of her to different businesses. She is able to write original quotes or phrases exclusively for your brand in order to help you garner long term engagement with original content, she can assist your brand with creative ideas, she can deliver speeches and workshops utilising her backgrounds in media, education and health psychology, assist in public and private events in those arenas and more.

Available in "Radiant Love" (2014)

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Mindrewired: 2020 LIVE Health Goal Masterclasses

Year after year many people make New Year’s resolutions and promises to themselves to get fit or lose weight, prompting people to spend hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on gym equipment, gym memberships, delivery meal plans and so on.

Although well-intentioned, by March many people are back to their old routine. Why? Routine is a safe and secure place because we have been there before. It is familiar. Routine does not help us expand our mind and grow.

This is where #MindRewired can help. In this LIVE Masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to create goals the right way
  • How to break down those goals into actionable steps
  • All about the 6 dimensions of health construct
  • How to create goals for each of those 6 dimensions

Creating goals might seem simple. Every year a goal might be “I want to lose weight”. This is good but it it very broad. For a goal to be achievable, it has to be quite specific and broken down into achievable sections.

This LIVE program is perfect if you

  • are not sure HOW to set goals
  • want to learn to achieve and follow through on goals
  • are sick of making new years resolutions but by March you are back to square one
  • want to improve any area of health (physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual or social)

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Quote 1

Excerpt from 'Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind' (2016)
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Except from 'Inspired Love' (2017)
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Quote 3

Excerpt from 'Radiant Love' (2014)


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