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In a class of her own, this charismatic and creative soul is one of only a few people in the world to publish her own insightful and poetic quotes in book form.

Educated in the fields of Media and Education, this writer and entrepreneur has the rare ability to use her original quotes as the basis for her speeches thereby leaving you with both thought-provoking content and memorable takeaways that will inspire you and your audience.


With her own experience as an entrepreneur, in both the service and product arenas, Mihad is available to host your product launches as she is able to delve into the heart of your product to capture its essence. Understanding that an incredible communicator speaks to the soul, Mihad is able to use her writing and creative abilities to position your product at its best.

One of her many quotes “Celebrating success, no matter the magnitude, challenges defeat” (Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind, 2016) is a constant reminder to any business that the celebration of every step, whether it be in the form of a product launch, press conference, award ceremony and the like, is crucial to the overall longevity of the business.

Mihad's Story

Want to heal from the pain? So do I.

Hi, my name is Mihad. Unsure of how to say it? Many are. Just think of the sentence “Me had an ice cream”. Voila! You’ve nailed it!

Ever since I was a little girl in New Jersey I turned to food. When I was bored, I turned to food. Annoyed? Food. Happy? Food. Food was my life because it never judged.

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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Published in her first poetry book “Questions” in 2005, this quote looks into the heart of what truly matters
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Inside the pages of her fifth book and first business book of original quotes “Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind” comes this quote from the introduction to her fellow entrepreneurs.
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The very first quote Mihad wrote at 19 speaks to the creed to which she lives her life.


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